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Diana Arlet Salinas VArgas

Marketing and Media Intern (She/Her)

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Diana Salinas, originally from Bakersfield, CA, is a rising public policy sophomore at the University of Southern California. She is currently interning in the social media and marketing position for Central Valley Scholars because she is determined to spark real change and make an impact on the accessibility to higher education. Just as our organization, Diana is working on helping everyone be able to obtain their higher education regardless of their background. Her college application process was a huge struggle and she does not want anyone to experience that distress anymore. As a result, she took the initiative to create her own blog where she shares her experiences as a first-generation DACAmented woman of color in a predominantly white institution and resources that have helped her get where
she is. Overall, Diana wants to create a community and a safe place where nobody has to feel alone nor lost. View her blog

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