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Environmental Responsibility

Who We Serve

Central Valley Scholars prides itself on assisting the most underserved and oppressed communities in the Central Valley. With an initiative to admit more historically underserved students into prestigious universities, we have made it our responsibility to accommodate and assist students from all types of backgrounds and with all types of identities.

We are a safe and accommodating space for all historically underserved students including, but not limited to: 


LGBTQ+ Students

Womxn and Fem Students

First-Generation Students

Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students

Undocumented Students  

Students with Disabilities

Students of Color 

Black Students

Student Parents 

Students from high school, continuation schools, community college, nontraditional  G.E.D schools, and from undergraduate universities in the Central Valley have access to our services.


If there is an underserved community not addressed above, please email contact@centralvalleyscholars.org.    


How We Serve

As advocates for people of color, we make sure to bring a diverse group of people, with all types of racial identities, to serve as our mentors and panelist. 

As advocates for the undocumented community, we make sure to go over Dream Act applications and pair undocumented students with mentors who share or have shared their same documentation status. Upon request, we offer translators at our events.  


As advocates for the LGBTQ+ Community, we normalize the introduction of gender pronouns, we never assume someone's sexuality or gender and we always provide gender-neutral restrooms to our Gender Queer, Transgender, and Gender Fluid folk at our events. 

As advocates for the disabled community, we contact each student who registered for our workshops to make any accommodation requirements necessary. 

As advocates for student parents, we provide changing tables in our restrooms and maintain children friendly spaces. Students are welcome to breastfeed their children at our events. 


As advocates for womxn, and other individuals who have vaginal hygiene needs, we make it our responsibility to provide tampons and pads in our restrooms. 

As advocates for community college students, we go over transfer essay questions and make sure to pair the student with a mentor who was also a transfer student.  

As an accommodating space, we make sure to buy alternative food options for those students with any dietary restrictions - including those who are pescetarian, vegetarian, and vegan. 

As mentors for students, we understand that some of the information they share with us may be extremely personal. It is our promise to not share their personal information with any staff, mentors, or students. 


A Zero Waste Facility

Central Valley Scholars cares about our environment and we understand that the world is in dire need of environmental change. We made it our responsibility to make all the products used or given in our events to be either compostable or recyclable. 

Understanding the overabundance of plastic, we changed all of our utensils - including cups, plates, and forks - to compostable products. Plastic is only used as an ultimate last resort after carefully and tediously brainstorming other alternatives for supplies. 

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