Summer Program


Central Valley Scholars is introducing the Health and Wellness Summer Program to start this July of 2020. Students participating in this 6-week summer program will receive a comprehensive understanding of Health & Wellness. We especially hope that the classroom culture is inclusive to all identities of students participating and that students
feel safe and unjudged in asking questions and participating in class discussions.

This is to be a research and guidance program, in which students will construct a research project to understand a curriculum topic within their community. They will also develop a community outreach project, in which the Central Valley Scholars Health & Wellness team will aid scholars in connecting with community organizations and already existing resources.


Curriculum Topics:


  • Reproductive Health

  • Queer Health

  • Consent & Healthy Relationships

  • Mental Health

  • Trauma & Healing

Community Health Awareness Week


August 10th to August 14th will be our Community Health Awareness Week in which the scholars will present their research projects and the $500 prize winner will be selected! Stay updated.

Program Director

Angie Casarez (She/Her)

Angie Casarez is a rising third-year undergraduate student at Stanford University. Angie is originally from a rural ranching community west of Dallas called Millsap, where she attended high school. She is majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Reproductive Health & Justice and a minor in Sociology. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in medicine and community health advocacy. She has participated in biological research projects at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. Some of her health interests include community-based participatory research, clinical research, and social disparities in healthcare.  

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Community Health Scholars

Summer 2020 Scholars

Robert Rosales (He/Him)

Queer Health Scholar

Robert is from Fresno, CA, and currently attends California State University, Fresno where he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology. He hopes to obtain a better understanding of the needs of his community through his participation with the Health and Wellness program and is excited to be a part of this first cohort of students and to better support his community. Robert's project idea includes examing the accessibility of PreP and PeP medication amongst identifying gay men and transgender womxn here in the Fresno County Area. 

Vera Arenas (She/Her)

Consent & Healthy Relationships Scholar

Vera is from Bakersfield, CA, and is currently a rising second year at UCLA studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. She is excited to be a part of the Health and Wellness Scholars Program to gain greater insight into public health disparities in the Central Valley as well as to help create meaningful change in her community. Vera's research idea includes further study of the unique needs of underserved communities of color, to compile resources that already address these needs as well as resources to help further educate healthcare workers. 

Sydni Mullen (She/Her)

Trauma & Healing Scholar

Sydni originates from the Fresno/Clovis area and is currently attending San Francisco State University. She is an aspiring epidemiologist and is deeply concerned about the state of the Central Valley community’s overall health as the factors that often bar many from receiving the care that they deserve.  She views the Health and Wellness Program as an opportunity to aid and give back to her community in a way that is unique to its own existence. She is also excited to learn more about the Central Valley as it has played a crucial role in the person she is today. 

Christina Cabading (She/Her)

Mental Health Scholar

Cristina originates from Delano, CA, and is a rising third year at California State University Long Beach studying Health Science (similar to Community Health). She is super excited to be a part of this program as the resources and research she will gain will help her to become a better advocate for mental health services in the small community of her hometown, Delano. Her research idea will focus on the extent of knowledge that high school students have on the importance of mental health and wellness.

Jacqueline Uribe (She/Her)

Reproductive Health Scholar

Jacqueline Uribe currently attends San Francisco State University studying Biology with a concentration in Physiology and double minoring in Chemistry as well as Race and Resistance. Jackie is originally from Fresno, California, and is excited to be in the Health and Wellness Scholars Program to continue her passions for her scientific interests to further assist her community. Her research idea

would focus on the male oral hormone contraceptive to allow cis-men to effectively take part in the process of family planning and having individual autonomy.

Community Health 

Awareness Week

August 10, 2020 - August 14, 2020

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