Providing Paid Internships &

Resume Builders for Central Valley Students 

With a mission to service historically underrepresented students in the Central Valley, we understand that one of the biggest obstacles students face is financial need. We have provided a variety of different job opportunities that pay you for your service and time. For any questions regarding our job opportunities please contact us 


Themtor Lead

Lead our themtorship position for students in the Central Valley.

Stipend: $1000

Black Student Scholarship


Help us in creating a scholarship application for Black Students. 

Stipend: $100

Intern and Volunteer

Intern for our staff, write blogs, help at events & plenty


No Stipend

Black Student Issues &

Topics Webinars

Present your own webinar idea on Black student issues and topics!

Stipend: $250

Black Student Article 


Research and write five articles on Black issues and topics within the Central Valley.

Stipend: $500

First-Gen & Black Themtors

Assist First-Gen, Undocumented & Black students in the CV with their college applications.

Stipend: $200

Dream Act Webinar


Create and present a webinar on the Dream Act application for students and counselors.


Stipend: $250

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710 Van Ness #141
Fresno, CA 93721

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