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The Central Valley Scholars magazine aims to bring visibility to the stories of Central Valley Students, the issues in our community, and resources available to educators, students, and beyond. In every edition, we highlight a different Central Valley student on our cover, bringing awareness to their story and struggle. Ultimately, the goal of this magazine is to create a network across the Central Valley in which all educational resources can be found in one place. 

Where Your Donation Goes

The content in this magazine will be created by Central Valley Students in which we pay: 

  • Central Valley photographers 

  • Central Valley student's undergraduate and graduate research

  • Central Valley students for interviews 

     & plenty more! 

Fee Waviers

All low-income Central Valley students and Central Valley high schools, community colleges, non-traditional G.E.D schools, and continuation schools will receive our magazines in the mail for free. To apply for a fee waiver please click here

Automatic Renewal: I understand that my subscription will continue until I tell you to stop and that you will charge my credit card the then-current rate at the end of each subscription term to renew. Automatic renewal terms do not apply to Vermont residents.


Central Valley Scholars Guarantee: If I'm dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, I can cancel my subscription anytime and receive a full refund on unmailed yearly issues.


Central Valley Scholars plans to publish 2 times a year, however, the amount of publishes depends on our current staff and funding. Expect your first issue within the following year. 

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