Where others see broken pathways, we see the opportunity to rebuild and create bridges to academic success. 


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Online Mentor

Monthly Phone Calls 

Every first Sunday of the month, mentors and mentees will have a one-hour conversation regarding the student's college essays, Financial Aid and Dream Act Applications, and the student's experience and challenges during this process. The mentor is there to answer any questions the student might have, offering advice, resources, and support. 

24 Hour Response Guarantee

At whatever time during the student's application process, they have the opportunity to ask their mentor for assistance with any part of their application. The mentor will respond to the question and assist the student as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours. This will ensure students receive the urgent assistance they need prior to deadlines. 

Identity and Need

Students are paired with mentors based on their individual identities and needs. Students may request a mentor that has the same gender identity, ethnicity, career interest, sexual orientation, disability, or documentation status as them.