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Our themtorship program is meant to assist first-generation, undocumented, and Black students from the Central Valley with their college applications. As a themtee, you will be paired to your own personal themtor that will assist you with applications such as FAFSA or Dream Act, UC app,  the Common App, and more via the internet. Your themtor will guide you in completing all things college related both correctly and promptly. This is a need and identity-based program, meaning no GPA requirements and our students will be granted laptops if needed. This program is meant to assist students who will be applying for undergraduate universities starting in the fall, whether that be high school seniors, community college students, and other non-traditional G.E.D school students. 



Our themtorship programs are meant to assist students throughout their entire college application process, starting from August when applications open and later the next year in May when they are going of to their universities. Each month will focus on a different topic and tasks for the themtee, ensuring completion of applications such as FAFSA, Dream Act, the Common App, and more. Our students are paired with their personal themtor, in which they hold monthly meeting to provide the skills and knowledge to best complete their applications. Educational webinars, guest speakers, handouts, and more will be conducted. Students may also contact their themtor via email at whatever time during their college application process and they will answer within 24 hours. 



Yadira Hernandez-Figueroa (She/They)

Yadira was born and raised in Merced, California. They are a first-generation undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Ethnic Studies. Rooted in their personal experiences they are deeply devoted to creating revolutionary change in the Valley, with an emphasis on educational accessibility and inequality. As the Themtor Affairs Director, they created and developed a themtorship program to guide and support Central Valley students applying to college. They are grounded in family, friendships, community knowledge, love, and a passion for change. Yadira is excited to share their experiences and knowledge with other Central Valley students in the hopes of making higher education more accessible for all.

desmarie jackson (He/They)

desmarie is a lifetime resident of Atwater, CA and current student at UC Berkeley majoring in Comparative Literature with a double minor in Education and African American studies. In addition to serving as the Central Valley Scholars Black Themtorship Lead, des is a spoken word poet and writer, an organizer with the Central Valley Mutual Aid and Collective Care Network, and budding abolitionist committed to liberation for our Central Valley communities. des is beyond excited to be providing support, guidance, and resources to marginalized students across the Valley in accessing higher education, in particular Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color in rural areas.


My name is Ecy (pronounced AC like air conditioning). I live in Clovis, CA, but I was born in Scotland and my family is from Sierra Leone.  Currently, I'm a rising sophomore at Stanford University studying Human-Computer Interaction (SymSys). For fun, I love having philosophical discussions, jamming out on my ukulele and keyboard, writing about the world around me (and the one inside my head), and most recently, Fractal Gridding anything and everything that I possibly can. 

Ecy King (She/Her)

Meet our 2020 themtors! We are so happy to have these amazing Central Valley students on our team! As current undergraduate students themselves, they know from first-hand experience how hard these college applications can be, and are there to guide their themtees to success. 


Jaymie "Sina" Maga (She/Her) is a current senior in Fresno, California. Proudly, Samoan and African American. She is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, student government publicity officer, and Black Student Union president. Jaymie has recently embarked on her journey as a themtee and loves every minute of it. She is passionate about science, self-love, and social justice. Jaymie has a mean British accent; her Harry Potter game is strong. 

Jaymie Maga (She/Her)

Meet our 2020 themtees! It is our privilege to have these first cohorts of students in our Themtorship program. From across the entire Central Valley, we are happy to be able to offer an online space to not only receive help with their applications but to build community amongst one another. 


We have one spot left for the Black themtorship program

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