Undocumented Scholarship Committee


DUE MAY 1ST, 2020

An important part of allyship is recognizing one's own privileges and making space for leadership by those directly impacted by the struggle in hand. Originally, all scholarships would be determined by Central Valley Scholars staff; however, being that none of the current staff are or have ever been undocumented, it is unjust and inadequate for them to evaluate and score the stories of people with this identity. As such, we have created an Undocumented Scholarship Committee, who hold this identity, to determine the winner of this year's scholarship. 

General Requirements 

1) Must be currently undocumented, a DACA recipient, or was previously undocumented during your academic career. 

2) You must be a current student at an undergraduate university or have already obtained an undergraduate degree.

3) You must originate from a high school, non-traditional G.E.D school, or community college from the San Joaquin Valley.  


Starting May 8th, 2020, the committee members will be required to read 10 Undocumented Scholarship Applications each. They will evaluate each application with a rubric used for all scholarships. Each committee member will bring in the application with the highest score for further consideration amongst the entire scholarship committee, in which they will collectively choose a winner. The identity and personal information of all applicants will be kept anonymous to the scholarship committee. The winner of the scholarship will only be announced if they did not require confidentiality. This job ends on June 20, 2020. 


People that take part in our scholarship committee with be paid a $100 dollar stipend. 

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