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Black Themtorship Lead

About Central Valley Scholars 

Thank you for applying to Black Themtorship Lead at Central Valley Scholars. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates accessible pathways towards higher education for historically underserved students in the Central Valley. We empower students to realize their potential and capabilities and directly provide the resources, guidance, and support in order to make their educational dreams a reality. We value and understand that every student has their own pathway to education, and we reimagine and rebuild our classrooms, programs, workshops, universities, and more to directly accommodate the individual needs of our students.

We are not here to “save” our students, but to serve our students. There is no right way to proceed with an educational career, so rather than imploring specific pathways, we introduce students to the different avenues towards an academic career and allow them to decide what journey best suits their lives. We follow our students in their journeys, support them in their downfalls, celebrate their successes, and cheer them on along the way. No matter our students' ages or where they are starting their educational careers, here at Central Valley Scholars we open our doors to all students, we support all students, we advocate for all students, and we represent all students.

We pride ourselves on providing spaces for the most forgotten populations in the Central Valley. With an initiative to introduce and create accessible pathways towards education, we have made it our responsibility to accommodate and assist students from all types of backgrounds and with all types of identities. We are a safe and accommodating space for all historically marginalized students including, but not limited to: 

  • LGBTQIA+ Students

  • Women and Non-men Students

  • First-Generation Students

  • Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • Undocumented Students

  • Students with Disabilities

  • Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color

  • Student Parents 

About The Position

Our Themtorship Program provides assistance to Central Valley students throughout their entire college application process. This includes, and is not limited to, assistance with college applications, writing personal statements, financial aid, personal and professional development, and scholarships. As the Black Themtorship Program Lead your main objective will be to ensure that the Black Themtorship Program runs smoothly and is effective in getting Black students to both apply and be admitted into college. All work, meetings, and responsibilities are expected to be completed remotely and primarily through Zoom.


The Black Themtorship Lead will be on contract starting June 2021 - May 2022. Hours can range from 10 - 15 hours a week, depending on the number of trainings and preparation needed.


The responsibilities for the Black Themtorship Lead include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with the First Generation Themtorship Lead in preparing and developing all program materials, meeting with and scheduling program guest speakers, and laying out a comprehensive program timeline that runs from August 2021 to May 2022. 

  • Reading all themtor applications, scheduling interviews, selecting themtors for the program.

  • Reading all themtee applications, selecting 5 themtees to participate in your program and ensuring they are paired with the most suitable and compatible themtor.

  • Managing and laying out the foundation for safe and collaborative themtor and themtee relationships. 

  • Keep track of themtee and themtor progress, including quarterly 1-on-1 check ins. 

  • Bi-weekly meetings with all Themtorship program leads and Central Valley Scholar President 

  • Weekly meetings with program leads

  • 3-program wide meetings every month 

    • Monthly Themtor Group Check-Ins (1 hour) - Typically the first or second Wednesday of every month.

    • Monthly Program-Wide Trainings (2 hours) - The first or second Saturday of every month (depending on the date of the Group Check-In).

    • Monthly Program Check-In (1 hour) - The Saturday following our Program-Wide Training. 

Additional responsibilities include: 

  • Meetings

    • To most effectively run this program you will need to meet multiple times a month with other program leads. You will also be responsible for meeting with the Central Valley staff and providing bi-monthly updates. Meetings include and are not limited to:

      • Monthly Themtor Group Check-Ins

      • Monthly Program-Wide Trainings

      • Monthly Program Check-In

      • Bi-monthly Central Valley Scholars team meetings

      • Bi-weekly meetings with all Themtorship program leads and CVS President

      • Weekly meetings with program leads

      • Quarterly Themtee Check-Ins

      • Meeting responsibilities include and are not limited to preparing materials, presenting, facilitating, and full participation in all meetings.

  • Outreach and Networking

    • Many of our monthly program trainings will include guest speakers from varying community organizations, university staff, and other Central Valley community members.

      • Responsibilities for networking include reaching out to potential guest speakers, maintaining community relationships, and strengthening collaborations with other organizations

      • Meeting and interviewing potential guest speakers, maintaining communication, confirming guest speakers and ensuring that all materials for guests are prepared with due time

      • Filing and organizing all guest speaker stipend information

      • Updating budget to reflect costs of training and program including guest speaker stipends

  • Engagement

    • Part of the responsibility as program lead will be to ensure constant engagement and participation of all program participants. Part of this engagement will include and is not limited to:

      • Sending email reminders + sending post-meeting resources and information

      • Creating and finalizing assignments and check-in materials

      • Engaging with participants during all Zoom meetings

      • Developing safe and effective remote spaces for participants to be fully engaged and participating to the best of their ability 

  • Quarterly Check-Ins

    • To ensure student progress and maintain steady communication with themtees/themtors it will be your responsibility to have quarterly check-ins with all program participants. These will be individual meetings where you will check in with participants progress, participation, and ensure that all program goals are being fulfilled.

      • Preparing check-in questions

      • Scheduling and conducting check-ins on time

      • Keeping track of all check-ins by taking notes to report back to other leads 

  • Updating Canvas

    • With Canvas as our main platform for program communication it will be your responsibility to set up your program’s Canvas page as well as maintain it with all relevant information, update participants' assignments, and track their progress.

      • Update general weekly and monthly reminders + resources

      • Create all assignments and track participants progress

      • Maintain an organized and easily accessible online space for program participants to understand their monthly responsibilities and goals


Qualifications and Skills 

  • Prior experience in program development and/or youth mentoring

  • Strong communication skills and ability to maintain program structure including ability to adjust quickly to new circumstances 

  • Prior experience with networking and establishing meaningful relationships with community organizations and community leaders 

  • Must be comfortable with Zoom (including and not limited to creating breakout rooms, recording, other tools), Canvas, Google Workspace (Drive, Slides, Spreadsheet etc), and other online program websites such as Slack

  • Prior experience with effectively and comfortably facilitating Zoom meetings

  • Commitment to fostering safe online spaces for all historically underserved students including, and not limited to, LGBTQ+ students, women and non-men students, first-generation students, undocumented students, students with disabilities, student parents, and formerly incarcerated students 


The themtor lead will receive a one time stipend of $5,500. Stipend amounts can be distributed in parts in request of the lead. It is important to note that the Themtor Lead will not be an employee of the Central Valley Scholars, therefore no benefits will be provided.

To Apply

Complete this online application by June 30th, 2021 at 11:59 pm. You can save your information and make edits later, however you cannot edit after submission. If you have any questions please email us at

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