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Meet our Undocumented Resources



Mayra Nunez Martinez (She/Her)  

Mayra has worked to provide low-income, first-generation youth with the resources necessary to be competitive college applicants and to be the first in their family to attend an undergraduate institution. As a former college access advisor with Wonderful Education and a high school biology teacher, Mayra saw the stark reality of students not being pushed to obtain more than just a high school diploma. This has ignited her interest in pursuing her doctoral degree in School Organization and Education Policy at UC Davis. Her goal is to study and address the educational inequities that negatively impact college access and retention for marginalized communities in geographically isolated areas.

Yessenia Ramos Silvia (She/Her)  

In 2008, Yessenia and her family packed their bags and immigrated to the United States where she worked hard to excel in academics, extracurriculars, and any other opportunity while her parents worked diligently in the fields to provide for her and her siblings. As a result of her family’s support and her dedication, Yessenia graduated as a valedictorian from Porterville High School. She is now a rising sophomore at Rice University in Houston, Texas double majoring in Kinesiology and Biochemistry and Cell Biology with the intention of attending medical school to become an obstetrician-gynecologist. Her goal is to return to the Central Valley to serve, support, and help underserved communities improve, grow, and progress.

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Diana Arlet Salinas Vargas (She/Her)  

Diana Salinas, originally from Bakersfield, CA, is a rising public policy sophomore at the University of Southern California. She is currently interning in the social media and marketing position for Central Valley Scholars because she is determined to spark real change and make an impact on the accessibility to higher education. Like Central Valley Scholars, Diana is working on helping everyone be able to obtain their higher education regardless of their background. Her college application process was a huge struggle and she does not want anyone to experience that distress anymore. As a result, she took the initiative to create her own blog where she shares her experiences as a first-generation DACAmented woman of color in a PWI and resources that have helped her get where she is. Overall, Diana wants to create a community and a safe place where nobody has to feel alone nor lost.

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The Central Valley Scholars Undocumented Student Resources Webinar, hosted by Mayra Nunez Martinez, Yessenia Ramos Silva, and Diana Salinas will focus on providing information, resources, and support for undocumented students thinking about applying to college. This webinar will cover how to pay for college (financial aid & scholarships for undocumented students), an overview of the college and financial aid application timeline, and institutional support and resources for undocumented students.



My Undocumented Life

My Undocumented Life offers up-to-date information to high school, college, and graduate students about the application process pertaining to each level of degree and lists resources that include scholarships, job opportunities, and information about how to navigate higher education and apply and renew DACA.

Resource List For Undocumented Students

"Since its founding in 2000, For People of Color, Inc. (“FPOC”) has provided free, high-quality law school admissions consulting services to thousands of prospective law school applicants. FPOC is widely recognized as a leader in its efforts to diversify the profession. Its workshops and publications are credited with assisting students gain admission to the country’s most selective law schools. Our mission is to employ our cultural perspectives and collective experiences to pave a path for people of color to higher education through personal empowerment and progressive education policies. This commitment stems from our personal stake in ensuring the academic, professional, and social success of our communities."


UndocuBlack Network created a space for currently and formerly undocumented Black immigrants to access resources that will help them thrive.

Immigrants Rising

Check out this 2020 scholarship list made by immigrants rising that do not require social security or proof of US citizenship!

My School My Rights

My School My Rights provides a detailed list of questions and answers for students with multiple identities. Check out their immigrant student rights listed below.  

A Guide to College for Undocumented Students

Our Guide to College for Undocumented Students offers in-depth information in several areas, including:

  • An explanation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and DACA. 

  • Information on how to choose the right school as an undocumented student

  • A guide to state aid, FAFSA, and scholarships available to undocumented students

  • A comprehensive list of campus organizations and legal resources

Guia en Español

A DACA Recipient’s Guide to Buying a Home

 In January 2021, the U.S. announced that it will continue to uphold the DACA program, and DREAMers can officially qualify for FHA mortgages and loans. There are over 643,000 people currently enrolled in DACA and many of them have the same goals as the average American — to get an education, raise a family, and have a home to call their own. We wanted to provide assistance to those who may be looking for more information.

The guide that we created includes: 

  • Home Loan Options for DACA Recipients 

  • Required Documents for a DACA Mortgage

  • Immigrant Advocacy Organizations for Additional Support​

This guide is also available in Spanish. You can check it out by clicking here

First Gen Empower

First Gen Empower helps prepare students in California for life after high school. We provide college and career-readiness resources to ensure students are informed about opportunities available for them and are in the best position to take advantage of them. 

Fresno State Dream Success Center

On behalf of EOP & Special Programs (Educational Opportunity Program, Dream Success Center, Renaissance Scholars, and Office of Black Student Success) we want to make sure you are doing well and able to transition into the virtual setting.  As the director, I want to personally reach out and let you know that we're here for YOU during this unprecedented time.  All coordinators and counselors are available to support you.  Our services are currently available through Zoom, phone or email.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Stay safe and well.