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Abstinence, or refraining from sexual activity, is healthy choice students and young adults can choose to make until they are ready to engage in sexual activity. However, Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage (AOUM) curriculum presents abstinence as the only option until marriage provides no further resources, and can omit vital information to students. Learn more about Jacqueline's research. 

Police Brutality:

An LGBTQ+ Issue

This webinar will cover intersecting issues that involve LGBTQ+ people of color and policing. We will be unraveling crucial details about the LGBTQ+ rights movement throughout the years and discussing how systemic oppression by police forces played a key factor in the birth of the movement and how it continues to fuel the movement today. It will also cover how LGBTQ+ people of color have played a critical role in the development of these movements. Learn more about the connections of such intersecting issues with our modern-day society.



EECU (Educational Employees Credit Union) Money Wise gives students insight into the essentials of building a healthy financial future. Students will learn the importance of financial goals, the difference between banks and credit unions, debit and credit cards, and the importance of credit. Students will also get some insight into budgeting for college life and potential scholarships.

Financing Your College Education


Financing your college education should not be a mystery. Learn how the financial aid process works. Your college degree is not out of reach! Learn about general information, important deadlines, tips, resources, and reminders. Attendees will learn how to calculate and understand Expected Family Contribution (EFC), Estimated Cost of Attendance, and be able to do Net Cost comparisons to determine the best options for you. This webinar covers appeal processes, special circumstances, and information about outside scholarships.