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Wellness Wednesdays with (She/Her)


Health and wellness play key factors in the academic capabilities and capacities of our students, and we are here to provide free wellness resources. At the start of the pandemic, Claudia aimed to focus on her wellbeing and health both physically and mentally. Aspiring from this experience, Claudia will be conducting free work out sessions, creating self-confidence presentations, anti-capitalist self-care remedies, and much more twice a month on Wednesdays. You can take a look at Claudia's youtube channel to the right and RSVP to her free events below! 

Stay fabulous! 

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Fabulous, first-generation student majoring in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. While navigating such institutions, she carries her family and Oaxaqueña roots closely to remind her to push through! During the school year she is a full-time student, BUILD a literacy themtor, and occasionally makes videos on Youtube. 


She aspires to be a community leader and help students see their full potential and capabilities while exposing students and families to resources. Her current mantra is "Do work that matters, vale la pena" -Gloria Anzaldua. While in quarantine, she decided to focus on her emotional, mental, and physical health. It is what has led her to be more in tune with herself while encouraging herself and others to focus on themselves.