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Here at Central Valley Scholars, we empower students to realize their potential and capabilities and directly provide the resources, guidance, and support in order to make their educational dreams a reality. We value and understand that every student has their own pathway to education, and we reimagine and rebuild our classrooms, programs, workshops, universities, and more to directly accommodate the individual needs of our students.


There is no right way to proceed with an educational career, so rather than imploring specific pathways, we introduce students to the different avenues towards an academic career and allow them to decide what journey best suits their lives. We follow our students in their journeys, support them in their downfalls, celebrate their successes, and cheer them on along the way.

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Our team is always working to provide a variety of resources for students with different types of identities and in different educational paths. Check our resources for graduate school, law school, medical school, undocumented students, and more all on our resources page. 

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As a Queer student from Kerman, California, Michael faced a lot of hardship in her Central Valley community. But Michael reclaimed her story, demanding educational equity for underserved students with her identities and beyond. 

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The educational needs of Central Valley students are extremely high, and we could use the help! There is always room for you on our team, either through volunteering for an event, conducting research, or interning for one of our staff! 

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Education for You, Education for Us, Education for All

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