Where others see broken pathways, we see the opportunity to rebuild and create bridges to academic success. 





Our Mission

To rebuild and create bridges to academic success for minority students in the Central Valley.



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About Us 

We are valley natives whose philosophy is to create resources within our own communities. As children of immigrants, who are the first in their families to proceed with an educational career, we know first hand the obstacles students with our identities face when applying to prestigious universities. With the clear lack of people of color, Queer identifying folk, students with disabilities, and other minority populations attending prestigious universities, Central Valley Scholars created a hands-on system of workshops, personal mentorships, and scholarships to directly fill students needs to educational success.


Central Valley Scholars is a safe space for all minority populations. No matter one's documentation status, no matter one's sexual orientation, no matter one's gender identity, no matter one's ethnicity or no matter one's disability, Central Valley Scholars opens our doors to you, we advocate for you, we support you, and we represent you. 


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