Where others see broken pathways, we see the opportunity to rebuild and create bridges to academic success. 


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Central Valley Scholars aims to admit historically underserved students from the Central Valley into prestigious universities through three methods:

 Free College


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Online Mentors

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Every summer Central Valley Scholars travels across the valley to directly assist students with their college applications. Created and organized by students from the Central Valley, who understand first-hand the obstacles students from these communities face when applying to universities, we made sure to directly fill the educational needs of students. Below is a description of topics and materials we discuss in our workshops.


One of the most intimidating requirements of college applications is essay responses. Understanding this, we made sure to bring ease to the process by directly assisting students with their applications. As a whole, we discuss an example essay highlighting the good and bad, giving general do's and don'ts and giving advice on how to best structure their essays. Students then start on their essays by brainstorming ideas for both the UC Application and Common Application. During this time, mentors walk around the room and directly assist students through the process.  


Perhaps the most tedious and stressful part of applying to college is discovering how one is going to pay for their education. Applying for Finacial Aid and Dream Act is one of the most important parts of the student's application process. Often times, deadlines are not met due to misinformation or incorrect documentation. We make sure to go over these applications in detail discussing important dates, step-by-step process for filling these applications, breaking down the different CAL Grants and qualifications for each, and going over other scholarships (both local and national) students can apply to. 


We understand that many of our students face imposter syndrome, the feeling that they are not wise enough or not qualified enough to attend these prestigious universities. To build student's confidence and directly attack any sense of imposter syndrome, we bring both honorary speakers and a college student panel to our workshops. Our honorary speakers are natives from the valley, who have not only successfully graduated with their Bachelor's and Masters/J.D./Ph.D. but have also accomplished a successful career. Our honorary speakers share their stories and advice to students. In our college student panel, we bring back students from the Central Valley who currently attend universities such as Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and more, to share their experiences and directly answer student's questions. When student's see people from their own communities, with their own identities, successfully attending and graduating from prestigious universities, they begin to believe they can do the same. 

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First-generation students face the challenge of having no one to turn to when applying to universities and grad schools. Due to the overwhelming number of students assigned to high school, community college, and undergraduate counselors, many students have to wait days if not weeks before they can speak to an advisor. To directly fill this need, Central Valley Scholars organized a group of online mentors to help these students throughout their entire college applications. 


Once every month, mentors and mentees will have a one-hour conversation regarding the student's college essays, Financial Aid and Dream Act Applications, and the students experience and challenges during this process. The mentor is there to answer any questions the student might have, offering advice, resources, and support. 


At whatever time during the student's application process, they have the opportunity to ask their mentor for assistance with any part of their application. The mentor will respond to the question and assist the student as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours. This will ensure students receive the urgent assistance they need prior to deadlines. 

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If you would like to become an online mentor, please click below: 

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Central Valley Scholars prides itself for being an inclusive space for all minority peoples in the valley, and as such has created scholarships for the most underserved and forgotten populations. We honor ourselves for holding the title of creating the first-ever LGBTQ+ Scholarship in the valley!


Our applications to our scholarships are now open. Please click here to get the applications. 


If you are interested in donating to one of our scholarships and would like more information, please email contact@centralvalleyscholars.org to schedule a meeting.