Our scholarships provide small financial assistance for our student's academic futures, but they also aim to do more. The Central Valley resides in a land of rich and beautiful history, with a diverse and beautiful population. However, many organizations and institutions fail to recognize and value the stories of the most marginalized in our communities - the stories of Black students, the stories of Queer students, the stories of undocumented students, and many many more. We aim to not only validate these stories but to celebrate and reward them. 

How our scholarships


Learn about our founder's story and what inspired her to start our LGBTQIA+ scholarship. 


Our 2020 scholarship

LGBTQ+ Scholarship

Hello! My name is Isabel Murillo (She/Her), and I am from Atwater, California. I am a recent graduate from Atwater High School and will be attending UCLA in the fall with an intended major in nursing. This scholarship has meant a lot to me when it comes to, not only my confidence in my education and career goals, but also as a Queer student from the Central Valley. It has enabled me the strength to acknowledge that people support my success and future, and I will always have help along the way. More so, it has provided me with the comfort to know that there are organizations in my community that support me as not just a student, but as a Queer student of color. I will not give up on my endeavors because I know that Central Valley Scholars will always be here to support me. 

My name is Ahsan Wahab (He/Him), and I am a first-generation college student from Kerman, California. I graduated as the Valedictorian Summa Cum Laude of Kerman High School's class of 2020. I will go on to continue my education at Fresno State University and major in psychology to become a psychiatrist. I am honored to be the recipient of the Central Valley Scholars First Generation Scholarship. The scholarship reduces the financial burden of college and allows me to become a better scholar by focusing on my education. Thank you Central Valley Scholars for providing me with the opportunity to succeed in college. (Funded by David Bonilla). 

First Generation Scholarship

I was ecstatic to hear that I am the recipient of this scholarship, and I am writing to express my gratitude for your financial support towards my higher education. Thank you for gifting me with this wonderful opportunity which I promise to make great use of. Receiving this scholarship has motivated me to continue to give it my all in everything that I do because the outcome will be well worth it. You have not only brightened my day, but all of my family's as well since I will now be able to focus more on my studies and have less concern for my college expenses. Thank you for all that the Central Valley Scholars organization stands for as well as all the help you have provided students such as myself through your various services. This organization has motivated me to help others the best I can, and I hope to one day be able to return the favor by investing in the education of future students. (The winner of this scholarship was kept confidential upon the student's request).

Undocumented Scholarship

Education for You, Education for Us, Education for All

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