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The Student Parent Scholarship
Application Closed
About The Scholarship 

At Central Valley Scholars, we understand that student parents face a myriad of obstacles in their trajectory towards higher education. From dealing with unaccommodating professors, to the lack of safe and accessible housing options, from having to navigate ableist practices and norms embedded in academic institutions; student parents face a unique struggle in which they’re not only focusing on supporting themselves, but also their children. As stated by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, there were over four million student parents enrolled in college between 2019 to 2020 in the United States. Of these four million, 52 percent of student parents dropped out of college before attaining their degree. Across the nation and in the Central Valley, there is a dire need to support, advocate, and accommodate student parents. 


The Central Valley Scholars Student Parent scholarship recognizes exemplary student parents in the Central Valley, who despite facing various challenges, continue to pursue their education. Our scholarships are created with the central belief that every student is worth investing in and aim to choose recipients based on their identity, need, and potential for growth; aspects often overlooked by other academic institutions. The Student Parent scholarship invites vulnerability, encourages empowerment, and gives student parents the space to find the beauty in their struggles. 


For purposes of this application, the term ‘student parent’ refers to students who have dependents while enrolled in an academic institution.

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The Student Parent Scholarship was created by Maria Del Pilar Manriquez (she/they), a Central Valley Scholar and graduate of UC Berkeley.


Scholarship Details


  • Must be a student parent 

  • Must be enrolled at a community college, vocational school, or undergraduate university during the fall semester/ quarter of 2023

  • Must have graduated from a high school, continuation school, or G.E.D school in the San Joaquin Valley by August 31st, 2023


  • No GPA requirement

  • Proof of citizenship and social security are not requested 

  • No letter of recommendation


  • Three 250 word responses

  • One 150 word response

  • Applications are closed and will re-open March 2024


  • Students will receive $1,500.00

  • Two recipients will be selected

Have additional questions? Please email scholarships@centralvalleyscholars.orgScholarship Terms and Conditions.

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