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The Justice Impacted Scholarship
Application Closed
About The Scholarship 

When we imagine a thriving world, we must begin with addressing the injustices casted against Black, Indigenous, People of Color, migrants, human rights protectors, LGBTQIA+ communities, working class/low income folks, and unhoused peoples. And within these injustices lies the prison industrial complex which is rampant across the nation and in the Central Valley. 


In the Central Valley, many experience detention facilities surrounding their communities, the policing of their neighborhoods, and racially fueled surveillance, leaving very few opportunities for individuals and communities to thrive. Justice Impacted students are systemically left out of educational opportunities, denied economic security, and are confronted with judgment. 


At Central Valley Scholars, we believe that carceral systems are not solutions, rather detriments to a progressing society. We understand that the decisions folks make are impacted by their environment, access or lack of resources, and narratives shaped by injustice. The Justice Impacted Student Scholarship is one action we are taking to offer support to students who have been impacted by the carceral system, and are taking steps to pursue a higher education. 


For purposes of this application, the term ‘justice impacted’ includes individuals who have been arrested, convicted, charged, incarcerated, or detained in a prison, local jail, juvenile detention center, immigration detention center, or any other carceral setting.

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The Justice Impacted Scholarship was inspired by our 2020 Inspire Awardee's story, Pedro Gamino (he/him). Learn more about Pedro via the button below. 


Scholarship Details


  • Must be a justice impacted student

  • Must be enrolled at a community college, vocational school, or undergraduate university during the fall semester/ quarter of 2023

  • Must have graduated from a high school, continuation school, or G.E.D school in the San Joaquin Valley by August 31st, 2023


  • No GPA requirement

  • Proof of citizenship and social security are not requested 

  • No letter of recommendation


  • Three 250 word responses

  • One 150 word response

  • Applications are closed and will re-open March 2024


  • Students will receive $1,500.00

  • Two recipients will be selected

Have additional questions? Please email scholarships@centralvalleyscholars.orgScholarship Terms and Conditions.

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