The Undocumented Student Scholarship
Currently Closed
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About The Scholarship 

The Central Valley is home to one of the largest immigrant communities in the world, in which people across the globe migrate to California’s Central Valley in hopes of a better life, social and economic mobility, and safety. And with this migration comes a new cohort of students in our classrooms and communities, who happen to be undocumented. 


At Central Valley Scholars, we understand that undocumented students face unique challenges in their educational journey; from having to learn and adjust to a new language and cultural norms, to managing institutions that were built against them, to dealing with national and local xenophobic sentiments on a day to day basis. And we also understand that undocumented students bring impactful support, value, and knowledge to our school systems, and we believe that undocumented students deserve a safe and welcoming space in our communities and in education. 


The Central Valley Scholars Undocumented Scholarship recognizes exemplary undocumented students in the Central Valley who, despite facing various obstacles, find the will to continue with their educational journey. Our scholarships are developed with the core belief that all students are worth investing in and we select awardees on a basis of identity, need, and potential for growth; rewarding those who other educational organizations often dismiss. The Undocumented Scholarship invites vulnerability, encourages empowerment, and gives undocumented students in the Central Valley the space to validate their stories and find the beauty in their struggles.

Scholarship Details


  • Must be a current undocumented person or DACA recipient

  • Must be enrolled at a community college, vocational school, or undergraduate university during the fall semester/ quarter of 2022

  • Must have graduated from a high school, continuation school, or G.E.D school in the San Joaquin Valley by August 31st, 2022


  • No GPA requirement

  • Proof of citizenship and social security are not requested 

  • Not required to disclose your documentation status publicly 

  • No letter of recommendation


  • Three 250 word responses

  • One 150 word response

  • Will re-open March 2023


  • Students will receive $1,500.00

  • Two winners will be selected

Have additional questions? Contact Us. Scholarship Terms And Conditions.