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The Disability Student Scholarship
Currently Closed
About The Scholarship 

Through our own reflection as an educational organization, we have seen that there is an undeniable lack of representation and accessible resources for students with disabilities in the Central Valley. Despite national and state efforts for disability accessibility, there lies a huge gap for resources and advancements to support students with disabilities, especially in the Central Valley, in their trajectories towards higher education. In addition to this, students with disabilities are often forced to tolerate ableist practices and norms in their schools and communities due to our own failures to educate ourselves on disability justice and accessibility. Inclusivity and accessibility are paramount values within our organization, and the Student with Disabilities Scholarship is one method we use to advance disability inclusion and justice in our organization and in education overall. 
The Central Valley Scholars Disabilities Scholarship recognizes exemplary students with disabilities (physical and/or mental disabilities) in the Central Valley who, despite facing various obstacles, find the will to continue with their educational journey. Our scholarships are developed with the core belief that all students are worth investing in and we select awardees on a basis of identity, need, and potential for growth; rewarding those who other educational organizations often dismiss. The Disabilities Scholarship invites vulnerability, encourages empowerment, and gives students with disabilities the space to validate their stories and find the beauty in their struggles.
For purposes of this application, we define a disability as any condition that places the body and/or mind outside of the societal “norm” that leads to difficulty in participating in everyday life (Senior & Disability Action). For example, any physical and/or mental condition that makes it more difficult to study, work, walk, and many other required tasks of day to day life. Such conditions might include, but are not limited to, physical disabilities, mental health and psychiatric disabilities, d/Deafness, blindness and low vision, learning disabilities, autism and aspergers, invisible disabilities (including pre-existing conditions such as diabetes), and many more.

Scholarship Details


  • Must be a student with a mental and/or physical disability 

  • Must be enrolled at a community college, vocational school, or undergraduate university during the fall semester/ quarter of 2022

  • Must have graduated from a high school, continuation school, or G.E.D school in the San Joaquin Valley by August 31st, 2022


  • No GPA requirement

  • Proof of citizenship and social security are not requested 

  • One additional week to complete application

  • No letter of recommendation


  • Three 250 word responses

  • One 150 word response

  • Will re-open March 2023


  • Students will receive $1,500.00

  • Two winners will be selected

Have additional questions? Contact Us. Scholarship Terms And Conditions.

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