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Due October 2, 12 PM


Access to educational resources is now a much greater burden in light of the pandemic, and we have created Central Valley Scholars Ambassadors to help lessen this obstacle. Our ambassadors will be representatives of their home towns, sharing our most recent services on their social media, posting flyers of our resources around their communities, and connecting with local schools and organizations to share each other's services. Be a representative of your community and apply today! 



Our ambassador program will begin in October 2020 and end in December 2020. Ambassadors will join bi-monthly trainings from the program director, giving specific instructions on how to proceed with the month and provide guidance with any questions ambassadors have. Ambassadors will also be required to have a one-on-one session with the program director once a month. 

How you will 


Your roles as an ambassador can be shortened in two simple ways. 

Social Media Posting

Starting in October, we will be hosting a variety of educational webinars for students explaining various college application processes. It will be your responsibility to share those webinars on all of your social media including instagram, twitter, facebook, and linkedin. In addition, we will be sending you Central Valley Scholars merch, including a shirt, hat, mask, and more to take pictures with and tag our organization! 


Community Outreach

Because we cannot visit Central Valley communities in person, we will have our ambassadors connect with their hometowns! Ambassadors will be mailed flyers of our upcoming presentations and will be asked to post them around their town. This will be following social distance practices, and we even send our ambassadors branded Central Valley Scholars masks! In addition, ambassadors will be required to connect with local school and organizations in the area in efforts to further share these resources. 



While we will be providing trainings for all program expectations, we do have the following requirements. 


  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Must currently reside in the Central Valley 



For additional questions please contact us



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