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Board Treasurer 

About Central Valley Scholars:

Central Valley Scholars (CVS) is a community-based organization led by first generation, queer, Students of Color, with a mission of creating accessible pathways towards higher education for historically underserved communities in the Central Valley. CVS’s strategy focuses on creating critical, conscious, and realistic perspectives on higher education, with an emphasis on how systemic forms of oppression affect underserved students' academic trajectories. CVS fosters equity by providing workshops, scholarships, mentorship (themtorship), and specialized programming to help students achieve the education they deserve.

Board Member Description: 

Central Valley Scholars board members carry the organization’s values deeply and share our mission of creating accessible pathways towards higher education for historically underserved students in the Central Valley. Board members are advocates of our work and students, and are also cheerleaders and supporters of our team. Our board comes together with the common understanding of what it means to carry marginalized identities while pursuing a higher education. Board members serve as decision-makers, developing policies to govern the operations of Central Valley Scholars. Board members serve a term of three years. Duties of a board member include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate the performance of the organization

  • Understand and promote the organization’s mission

  • Be familiar with Central Valley Scholars’ programs, policies, and operations

  • Monitor finances and programs

  • Attend quarterly board meetings

  • Review agenda and supporting documents prior to board meetings

  • Participate in fundraising activities and special events for the organization

Treasurer Description: 

As Central Valley Scholars’ Board Treasurer, you will take the lead in overseeing the management of the organization's financial affairs. Specific duties include:

  • Work with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis

  • Assist the CFO and other directors in preparing the annual operating budget and presenting it to the board for approval

  • Work with the CFO to develop short and long-term financial strategies

  • Stay informed of legal, regulatory, and sector developments that may affect the operations of the organization

  • Review the annual audit and present critical financial information to the board

  • Ensure legal documents are filed on time

  • Review CFO’s quarterly expenditure reports and annual expenditure report at the end of the fiscal year

Preferred Qualifications: 

There are no requirements to apply for the Central Valley Scholars Board Member Treasurer position; however, ideal applicants will have the following: 

  • Strong understanding of our organization’s mission, history, team members, and the students we serve

  • Strong advocate for creating accessible pathways to post-secondary education, especially for underserved students.

  • Strong ties (personal or professional) to the Central Valley.

  • Personal experience with carrying marginalized identities while pursuing an education.

  • Strong value of community-based knowledge and commitment to centering student and community needs. 

  • Personal or professional experience working with underserved communities. 

  • Large network that can help advance Central Valley Scholars’s mission and funding capacity. 

  • Willingness to work with others as a team, listen to and learn from all Central Valley Scholars representatives (board members, employees, volunteers, and students), and engage in radical candor and difficult conversations.

  • Prior experience serving on a non-profit board.

  • Prior experience with financial accounting for non-profit organizations.

  • Personal commitment to devote the necessary time to position as Board Treasurer. ​


Board members are volunteers, not employees, of Central Valley Scholars; therefore, no compensation will be provided. 

Apply Today:  

Please complete this form to apply. You can save your application and make edits later; however, you cannot edit after submission. Priority applications are due by August 1st, 2022 at 11:59 pm. For questions or support please email us at

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