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Getting Into Medical School Webinar

Webinar Host Jose Acosta (He/Him) 

Jose (He/Him) is a first-generation student originating from Kerman, CA in the Central Valley. He completed his undergraduate studies at California State University, Fresno, graduated from UC Davis School of Medicine on the San Joaquin Valley PRIME Track, and is currently doing his residency in the Bay Area. 

Jose was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, where tractors and the gentle steps of farmworkers wake the earth at 4 AM. Growing up, he worked alongside his community to harvest the crops that fuel the world. He also witnessed how many ailments went untreated due to poor access to care because of language, geographic distance, lack of insurance, and fear of deportation. These experiences sparked his desire to explore medicine and to advocate for underserved populations. The journey in becoming the first doctor in his family and as a first-generation Latinx student from the Central Valley has been filled with many lessons, triumphs, hardships, and most importantly full support from his family and community.

Watch Now (presentation begins at timestamp 5:04)

As the host of the Central Valley Scholars’ Medical School Webinar, Jose will be familiarizing students with the medical school application process, providing input on how to select which medical programs to apply to, talking about what it's like to navigate medical school, and answering questions regarding residency.

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