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$1,500 Black Student Scholarship

This year, Central Valley Scholars is offering two scholarships for Black students in the Central Valley! From all the scholarships we are offering this year, this is the only scholarship that will have two recipients! With this scholarship, we hope to provide Black students the space to share their experiences and challenges they have overcome or are overcoming, and discover the beauty behind their own stories.

This past year, inequality and oppression towards the Black community that has previously been ignored has been brought to light. It showed how the Black community is continuously being targeted and under attack due to institutional and structural racism and ideals. It is important to acknowledge these occurrences and hold individuals accountable so we can work towards change.

Unfortunately this inequality can also be seen in the education system which impacts Black students. Studies have shown that schools whose populations are made of predominantly Black students, invest and spend less money per student when compared to schools made of predominantly white students, putting Black students at a disadvantage (Center For American Progress; Unequal Education). This is just one of many inequalities that Black students face when trying to obtain their education.

Due to these constant inequalities, it is important that we as a community have accessible resources made available to the Black community to address shortcomings. It is important that we invest in community members so that they can flourish and reach their full potential. These students have the power to create change and refocus the narratives that are portrayed.

While we are committed to helping alleviate some of these financial burdens as best we can, know that there are resources out there to help in issues beyond monetary-including those provided by us! Our goals is to assist these students through the services we provide while highlighting the diversity, persistence, and dedication that these students possess in pursuing their goals and education to help make a difference in their communities

Central Valley Scholars understand that traditional markers of success are not adequate enough to determine an individual's capabilities due to shortcomings, and inequalities. We understand that each individual has a unique path in pursuing higher education and may have faced various obstacles that others may have, so we invite vulnerability, encourage empowerment, and provide a space for students in the Central Valley to validate their stories and find beauty in their stories. Through their stories we as an organization also learn more about the student and their experience within the community and work to find ways to support the student in their journey.

Central Valley Scholars thus aims to ensure our scholarship is accessible to as many students in the Central Valley as possible. In keeping with this spirit, we only have one requirement for this scholarship: being a Black student from the Central Valley.

In addition to the scholarship we offer, feel free to check the additional scholarships offered to Black Students in the Central Valley!

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Written by Abigail Vidrio (She/Her)



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