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Our Response To COVID-19


We understand the amount of stress, anxiety, and worry this global pandemic has caused for our staff and volunteers, and as such we have slowed down the pace of our work load. We want to give our staff and volunteers the time to be with their families and take care of one another. All meetings will be held via the internet, and tasks will be accommodated in a manner most accessible for our staff. During these troubling times we ask our staff, and yourself, to stay home, stay healthy, and stay hopeful. We are in this together, and together we can make things better. We send you all a virtual hug!


We have decided to extend our scholarship deadline to May 1st, 2020. In order to be as accessible as possible for students, we have allowed a number of counselors to hold scholarship applications in their office, and we would drive to pick the applications up in person. Due to COVID-19, many students are currently out of school, and thus will not be able to turn in their applications on time. Further, our public schools provide free food, internet usage, and printing access for students. With schools closing down, these resources will not be available for our students prior to our past deadline. During this time, we ask our students to stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home for themselves and for the safety of others.


As of now, we have not made a decision on our summer workshops and events. We remain hopeful that things get better and we are able to host our summer workshops for students. However, in the case that such circumstances do not happen, the Central Valley Scholars team is working on new ideas in which we can still assit students with their college applications. Until then, we wish everyone a safe and healthy quarantine.

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Michael Pina
Michael Pina
20. März 2020

Stay safe everyone!

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