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Getting Into Graduate School Webinar

Webinar Host Brian Ramierez (He/Him) 

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Brian is a first-generation student and equity-focused urban planning professional from South-East Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A in Urban Studies (Class of 2020) and will be attending UCLA Luskin in the Fall for his Masters of Urban and Regional Planning (Class of 2022). As the host of the Central Valley Scholars’ Grad School Webinar, he draws directly from his own robust experience applying for graduate school this previous cycle. 

Brian was offered admission to 7 out of the 8 graduate programs he applied for including urban planning programs at UCLA, University of Southern California, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, New York University, University of Michigan, Columbia University, and Harvard University. His overarching goal with creating the Graduate School Application Guide and hosting the CVS’s Grad School Webinar is to make graduate school more accessible, specifically for first-generation, low income, Black, Indigenous, and POC students by sharing insight on how to best navigate the application process.

Watch Now (presentation begins at timestamp 4:55)

The Central Valley Scholars Graduate School Webinar, hosted by Brian Ramirez (He/Him) will focus on familiarizing attendees with choosing prospective graduate programs and schools, getting organized before applying, navigating the graduate school application process, and choosing which graduate program and school to attend.

A Guide to Grad School 

Following the application process, Brian created the Graduate School Application Guide which is a public document and meant to guide first-generation students through the graduate school application process. Check it out! 

Additional Grad School Resources

These are some links with additional graduate school resources. 





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