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2020 Community Health Scholar Winner

Congratulations to our 2020 Community Health Scholar Winner Jacqueline Uribe, gender pronouns she/her!

Jaqueline is a current student at San Francisco State University majoring in Biology with a concentration in Physiology and double minoring in Chemistry and Race and Resistance. As a graduate from Clovis West High School, Jaqueline's project looked at the Clovis Unified School District Sex Education Curriculum specifically, analyzing the benefits of providing an inclusive and comprehensive form of sex education and the harmful effects of abstinence-only-based influence.

About the Program

Founded by Angie Casarez (she/her), the Community Health Scholars Program is a 6-week summer program in which students receive a comprehensive understanding of Health & Wellness. Our classroom culture is inclusive to all identities of students participating and we make sure students feel safe and unjudged in asking questions and participating in class discussions. This is a research and guidance program, in which students construct a research project to understand a curriculum topic within their community and also develop a community outreach project, in which the Central Valley Scholars Health & Wellness team aid scholars in connecting with community organizations and already existing resources. At the end of the program, we host a Community Health Awareness Week in which our scholars present their research and outreach projects through a series of virtual webinars. Attendees of the webinars receive a voting link to choose a winner.

As the winner of our Community Health and Wellness Research Program, Jacqueline received an award of $500.

In recollection of her experience as part of this program, Jacqueline states, "I am extremely grateful for this 

opportunity and will definitely advocate for students to apply to the program next summer!"

You can view Jacqueline's webinar presentation below.

Words from the Founder

Angie Casarez is a rising third-year undergraduate student at Stanford University and originates from a rural ranching community west of Dallas called Millsap. She is majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Reproductive Health & Justice and a minor in Sociology. "It was my honor to lead such an amazing group of scholars in a program so dear to my heart," Angie states. "I was privileged to learn so much from THEM! I know they will do great things in Community Health now and in the future, and I am honored to have been a small piece in the meaningful work they do."

You can view our additional Community Health Scholars cohort and their projects and their projects here.



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