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ABC30 Action News - 2021 Inspire Award

On December 12, 2021 Central Valley Scholars was featured on ABC30 Fresno's news channel highlighting our 2021 Inspire Awardee Juan Carlos Mosqueda Rosales (He/Him). ABC reporter Elisa Navarro conducted the interview.

"Citizenship is a requirement for a couple of scholarships, and it's very discouraging when that is a block," he says.

Since 2019, Central Valley Scholars has provided scholarships for students who check off a different type of list.

"Highlighting what we call non-traditional markers of success that go beyond grade point averages," says founder and CEO Michael Piña.

"We value the high level of intelligence that comes from students who are going through racism, poverty..."

Piña says the team was captivated by Rosales's story, which is why he is the recipient of the 2021 Inspire Award.

He came to America at the age of eight and since then faced multiple hurdles through life as a first-generation LatinX student.

Read the full story and watch the interview here.



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