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As a student-led and built organization, we are always welcoming other students to lead programs in our organization. We are firm believers that the most successful types of programming come from people with passion and personal experience in the work. If you have a program idea you are passionate about, consider working with our organization!


How we can 



We are a resource to you, and care about your program as much as you do! If you create a program via the Central Valley Scholars platform, we can help with the following: 


Figuring out how to conduct your own program while being a full-time student, and for many working a minimum wage job, is extremely difficult. Given our experience, we are able to provide advice for your program and share our tips and tricks. Throughout the entirety of your program, you will receive weekly assistance from our CEO and team, and we can even pair you with your own intern! 


You created a beautiful program, now how can you get students to participate? Across our platforms, we have connections with over 2,000 students! You will have access to our marketing team to make your infographics and flyers for our social media and create a page on our site for your program! Plus, we have connections with many high schools, community colleges, and universities that can further support your program. This includes partnerships with UC Berkeley Undergraduate Admissions, UC Merced, Berkeley Law School, Stanford, Dartmouth College, and much much more!


One of the most inaccessible parts of creating your own program is finding funding. If you create a program with on our platform, we will provide all the funding in our capacity, and further connect you with our fundraising team to make your project a reality! 



As a youth-led organization, we believe every person is capable of conducting their own program - thus, there are no requirements to apply. However, as an identity and need-based organization, we are always looking for programs that aim to assist a population underserved and, of course, looking to have more Central Valley students to join our team! For additional questions please contact us



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